Jean Yves – Diamond Ice Peak edge

Jean Yves – Diamond Ice Peak edge
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Code: 323

The Diamond Ice Peak Edge Tuxedo by Jean Yves is a beautiful,
eye-catching alternative to traditional black tie. Featuring a 2 button
front, peak lapels with satin trim and fashioned from a white striped
polyester material. This coat looks great, feels great, and breaks away from
traditional black in a very classy way.


- Two Button Front
- 32” Length Coat
- Self Peak Lapels with Satin Trim
- Self Flap Pockets
- Non-Vented
- 100% Polyester

(Pictured with white microfiber non-pleated laydown collar
shirt, White Satin Vest and White Solid Satin windsor tie)

To Order Ensemble As Shown:

Coat Style #C323
Pant Style #P417
Shirt Style #S514
Vest Style #V7502
Tie Style   #W7502

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