Mossy Oak Accessory Collection

Camo isn't always meant to blend in. This five-button vest with a Mossy Oak camouflage pattern is fully adjustable with a coordinating black back. Pair with our a matching camo tie and pocket square or stand out from the rest with a camoflage cummerbund, suspenders and bow tie!

Code: MOFA2

Available In:

Windsor Tie
Bow Tie
Pocket Square

Available Sizes:

Boys: Small, Medium & Large
Mens: Regular Length Fullback XS
Long Length Med-XL

(Pictured with White Microfiber Non-Pleated Wing Collar Shirt,
Mossy Oak Vest and Bow Tie)

To Order Ensemble As Shown:

Shirt Style #S504
Vest Style #VMOFA2
Tie Style #BMOFA2

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